The sports memorabilia collector and dealer who brought armed robbery, assault and kidnapping charges raining down on O.J. SIMPSON insists he feels sorry for the troubled star. Beardsley claimed Simpson and five associates forced him and a colleague to hand over memorabilia during an alleged raid on his Las Vegas hotel suite last week (13Sep07). The Naked Gun star was arrested on Sunday (16Sep07) and spent three days in custody before he was released on $125,000 (GBP62,500) bail on Wednesday morning (19Sep07). He has now returned to his home in Florida. Simpson is due back in court next month (Oct07) for a further hearing, and Beardsley admits he isn't looking forward to possibly testifying against a man he now feels was duped into getting involved in a bad situation. Beardsley tells U.S. news show The Insider, "I made the 911 call (to the police) and I don't regret it at all. I stand by my story... (but) I think O.J. was duped. "I like O.J. He got himself in a situation, he let this clown get him in this situation and I have a feeling he's going to prison. "I have to (testify). It's not that I want to, I have to." Beardsley claims a gun was put to his head during the raid but Simpson wasn't holding it.