In the latest challenge to a movie about real-life events, the daughter of the pitcher who is seen in 42 throwing a bean ball at Jackie Robinson has charged that the event never took place as depicted. Sherrill Ostermueller Duesterhaus, the daughter of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Fritz Ostermueller, insists that the ball her father threw hit Robinson on the wrist, not the head, and that he never yelled at the Brooklyn Dodger batter, You don't belong here! News reports of the incident appear to confirm Duesterhaus's complaint. Sportswriter Les Biederman of the Pittsburgh Press-Gazette wrote at the time, Jackie Robinson collected a single to center and beat out a bunt to run his batting streak through 14 games in a row. Osty threw a high inside pitch that caught Robinson on the left wrist in the first inning. Moreover, another report indicated that Ostermueller apologized to Robinson later, and there was no Melee among the players after Robinson was hit. In an interview, Ostermueller later recalled that he had studied Robinson carefully before The Game. I noticed he crowded the plate and lunged at every pitch. He didn't give the pitcher 'much room'. I didn't like that at all ... I told my wife the night before I pitched I might have trouble with Robinson -- that one of my pitches would hit him, if he didn't move back. I knew, too, some people would say it was intentional. It wasn't at all, but in his first trip to the plate I hit him. After that he moved back a couple of inches and showed me some respect.