Basement Jaxx feel proud when they perform in London.

The British dance duo - Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe - insist the English capital is their favourite place to play a gig as there is a sense of unity because people from the city are aware of their history and can connect with them on a personal level.

Felix said: ''It's nice to be in London doing a gig because you have that kind of London pride''

Simon added: ''People know us a bit better here and people know our history so there's kind of a family feeling.''

The BRIT award-winning pair are preparing to release their upcoming album and insist they've tried to create a collection of tracks that will highlight the positives in life and encourage people to fulfill their dreams.

Speaking to Lauren Laverne ahead of their Summer Series gig at London's Somerset House last Sunday (21.07.13), Simon explained: ''This collection of music we wanted to make it brighter.''

Felix added: ''In a way, our job is to create something that can uplift and reaffirm the figure of life.''

What's more, to get a sneak peek behind the scenes at this year's Summer Series - which is just one example of the enriched experiences available to American Express Cardmembers - check out this video of Amex Entertainment Insider, Lauren Laverne, meeting Basement Jaxx ahead of their gig last Sunday: