Major League Baseball on Tuesday confirmed reports that it had signed a new seven-year deal with Fox and TBS, indicating the the package was worth almost $3 billion. Commissioner Bud Selig also provided further details of the deal, which was first reported by Bloomberg News earlier in the day. Speaking to reporters in Pittsburgh prior to the All-Star Game, Selig said that beginning next season the World Series would begin on Tuesdays instead of Saturdays. (Fewer viewers watch television on Saturday night than on any other night of the week.) The deal also calls for TBS to reduce its package of Atlanta Braves games, showing 70 games next year, then 45 each year after that. TBS and the Braves are corporate siblings of Time Warner; however, there have been persistent reports that the company would like to sell the team. (Braves games were once the backbone of TBS programming and helped launch TBS -- then WTBS -- as a satellite "superstation" in the 1970s.)