The daughter of a professional baseball player is demanding an apology from the producers behind a new Jackie Robinson biopic over allegations her father is falsely portrayed as racist in the film.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Fritz Ostermueller, who is played by Linc Hand, hurls a baseball at Robinson's head in sports drama 42 and shouts at him, "You don't belong here!" in one pivotal scene.

However, Ostermueller's daughter, Sherrill, is adamant her father was a "good man" who never lashed out violently.

She tells, "The producers of 42 certainly owe my father an apology. If they were going to portray my father falsely, they should have used a fictional name. I have the deepest respect for Jackie Robinson and the courage he had to change baseball. My dad, to my knowledge, was not a racist. I was not raised in that type of home."

Fritz Ostermueller died in 1957, aged 50.

Hollywood newcomer Chadwick Boseman stars as African-American sports hero Robinson in the film.