Beloved TV sitcom ROSEANNE was such a hit because the cast and producers kicked studio executives out of recording sessions.

Show regular John Goodman insists the show, which was top-rated for nine years, would never have been able to cover topics like teenage pregnancy and lesbianism if "suits" had been allowed to advise on the set.

He says, "We got rid of a lot of dead wood - people that didn't belong there - (who were) making little comments about our progression every week. They were gone.

"They were not allowed on the set, so we could be creative... It was necessary."

Show creator and star Roseanne Barr admits her same sex kiss with Mariel Hemingway in a 1994 episode was the most controversial moment, and she had to fight with studio executives to get the programme on the air.

She recalls, "They didn't want us to do it and then they threatened not to show it and I just went, 'Well, don't show it and then I can go to all the press and talk about how you don't show it, so that it'll be even bigger.'"

Real-life lesbian Sara Gilbert, who played Roseanne's rebellious daughter on the show, was thrilled with the controversial episode.

She says, "I thought it was great. I thought the great thing about our show is we were always trying to push political boundaries."