BARBERSHOP movie-maker Tim Story has signed up to direct the anticipated movie of MARVEL COMICS favourites THE Fantastic Four.

The movie - which follows the exploits of mutant astronauts REED and SUE RICHARDS, BENJAMIN GRIMM and JOHNNY STORM, better known as MR FANTASTIC, the INVISIBLE WOMAN, the THING and the HUMAN TORCH - will begin filming in August (04).

While casting negotiations have yet to begin, THE SHIELD star MICHAEL CHIKLIS is being eyed to take on the role of the Thing.

Story tells Hollywood trade publication DAILY VARIETY of the movie, "What attracted me was that they are a family. They night want to wring each others necks. They might storm out and disappear for three days, but you also know they'll be back. They don't always get along."

07/04/2004 21:03