Dame Barbara Windsor's husband Scott Mitchell is ''thrilled'' at the ''impact'' her dementia story has had on other sufferers.

The 81-year-old former 'EastEnders' star was diagnosed with the degenerative brain condition in 2014, and her spouse Scott has said that although they didn't intend to rally so much support by going public with the sad news, he's pleased her story has managed to help others.

Asked if he was surprised by the response to Barbara's story, Scott said: ''I'm surprised, and I'm just thrilled that it's had that kind of impact. Because that wasn't the reason we went public, we went public because I couldn't hide it any longer from people. Because Barbara always gets people coming up to her and it was beginning to be quite obvious.''

In order to raise money for dementia awareness, Scott and several of Barbara's former 'EastEnders' cast mates are running the London Marathon as part of ''Barbara's Revolutionaries'', which has been set up as part of the Dementia Revolution charity.

And Scott says he's received several touching messages from people on the charity's Facebook group, especially from people who have thanked him and Barbara for helping their own family members openly discuss their condition.

Speaking during an appearance on 'This Morning' on Monday (15.04.19), he said: ''I think the lovely thing is the Dementia Revolution, which is the charity, and there's a lot of people running [the London Marathon] for that. We're on this closed Facebook group, and the comments they give me ... these are all other people who are living with loved ones, who are caring for people, or who have lost people. And one particular lady wrote to me and she said 'I just want to thank you and Barbara, Scott, because my mum now discusses her Alzheimer's with our family.'''