California rockers SUPERNOVA have launched a lawsuit against US reality TV show Rock Star: SUPERNOVA, claiming they own the rights to the name. Rock Star: Supernova features Motley Crue star Tommy Lee and JANE'S ADDICTION guitarist Dave Navarro as judges, and is seeking to put together a rock supergroup to conquer the US charts. But Supernova filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles US District Court on 27 June (06), which alleges breech of trademark and unfair competition, and calls for the show and its contestants to be barred from using the Supernova name. The band's lawyer JOHN MIZHIR says, "Our clients believe they have the superior right on the mark Supernova. (They) have a long-standing common-law trademark right to the mark." According to court papers, the group first performed together under the Supernova name in 1991 and went on to release three albums. Rock Star: Supernova legal representative GARY HECKER counters, "The complaint is without merit."