Revered composer BURT BACHARACH struggled to record some of the lyrics he wrote for songs on his new album AT THIS TIME because they were deeply personal concerns about the state of the world.

The music legend decided to write his own lyrics for the first time and was surprised with how annoyed he was with the world at large, particularly in the lyrics of one tune, WHERE DID IT GO?, which details his concerns about the future for his kids.

Bacharach explains, "I could barely do the vocal... I really had a hard time getting through it on the day: 'When I was 12 years old, growing up in New York City, I could ride the subway by myself and never ever be afraid. Where did it go, what happened?'

"And then the next verse... I wanted to hammer it down: 'Now I have a son who's 12, a girl who's nine and a son in college and I worry about them all the time, worry about their future. What will the future bring, because nobody is safe these days.'

"It's dedicated to my kids and to your kids, with the hope that things can be turned around."