Hip-hop mogul BRYAN 'BABY' WILLIAMS is seeking to join Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Fergie and become a shareholder in the Miami Dolphins American football team.
The Cash Money Records co-founder is a savvy businessman who recently set up his own oil and gas company, Bronald Oil & Gas, with his brother Ronald 'Slim' Williams.
Williams admits he is always looking to diversify and back new ventures in various industries to keep making money.
He tells Ozone magazine, "Honestly, you gotta hustle and know how to flip money. And to flip money, you've got to always get new money. N***ers be trying to hold on to old money and they don't spend it, but you've gotta keep flipping that s**t."
And he's set his sights on another profitable venture - and hopes to become one of the celebrity investors in the Florida sports team.
He adds, "I'm trying to buy some of the (Miami) Dolphins next."
Tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams and Latin singer Gloria Estefan also own stakes in the NFL team.