GUNS N' ROSES rocker Axl Rose has split up with his manager Merck Mercuriadis because he showed the SWEET CHILD OF MINE singer "no respect". The music hellraiser blames management for further delays to the nine-years-in-the-making album CHINESE DEMOCRACY. He fumes "When I agreed to do our recent North American tour I agreed with the understanding that I and my manager Merck Mercuriadis were in full agreement as to our strategy, touring plans and most importantly that any and all things needed to release the album at the latest by 26 December were to be in place. "Unfortunately this turned out not to be the case, and I regret to say again the album will not be released by the end of the year. "This was compounded by an overall sense of a lack of respect by management for the band and crew and each individual's particular expertise that has resulted unfortunately in the end of... my relationship in having a management or sense of band involvement with Merck Mercuriadis."