A representative for the late Francesca Gabor Hilton has fired back at reports suggesting the socialite's stepfather has demanded an autopsy of her body, insisting the request was made by her longtime personal physician.

Her mother Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, Frederick Von Anhalt, told the media that he had asked a coroner to review his estranged stepdaughter's death after she passed away on 5 January (15), but her publicist and friend Ed Lozzi reveals he's not involved in the process.

Lozzi tells Wenn, "Mr. Von Anhalt untruthfully stated to a member of the media... that he is forcing the Los Angeles County Coroner's office to perform an autopsy on Francesca Hilton. Mr. Winter (coroner) has stated on the record that this is totally untrue and that the request was from Dr. Charles Kivowitz, Francesca's personal physician, who wants to make sure that people do not continue to hype this death as a suicide or murder."

Lozzi adds, "It is on the record what Mr. Von Anhalt feels about Francesca Hilton and what she thought of him. For this man to continue to harass and desecrate her legacy in life as well as in death is as low as you can go.

"The Coroner's office also stated that after the autopsy, the body will be released only to immediate family members and loved ones. That does not include Mr. Frederick Von Anhalt, despite his claims."

Private arrangements for Gabor Hilton's funeral are pending and being handled by very close friends and relatives.