Science fiction writer Frederik Pohl has passed away at the age of 93.

The Gateway author, who was dubbed the grandmaster of science fiction, died on Monday (02Sep13) at a hospital near his home in Palatine, Illinois, according to his website.

A statement reads, "We're saddened to tell his friends and readers that Fred went to the hospital in respiratory distress this morning and died this afternoon."

Pohl, who also published poetry and served as a literary editor, was best known for his novel Gateway, a book about a space station hidden in an asteroid. It won several science fiction awards, including the Hugo Award, and subsequently became a computer game.

Several of the writer's works were also adapted for Tv - these included The Clone Master in 1981 and the novella The Midas Plague in Germany.

Pohl's granddaughter is Canadian author Emily Pohl-Weary, who took to Twitter to pay her respects, writing, "Rest in peace to my beloved grandfather Frederik Pohl who showed me by example how to be an author."