Australian singer/songwriter Lanie Lane has quit the music industry due to stress.

The news comes just four months after the release of her second album, Night Shade, but the 27-year-old star has promised to honour her upcoming tour dates before stepping out of the spotlight.

In a statement posted on her website, she writes, "The uprooted-ness of the rock n roll lifestyle is no longer for me and the ambition (which I believe is a pre-requisite to success in the music industry) of cultivating fame or attention has completely left me now. At times, I have found the constant pressure that a touring & recording artist requires to be accustomed to, unbearable...

"I personally found myself not liking who I was becoming under stress and difficult circumstances. It felt like a lot of the time I was either depressed or anxious, so I've begun to change the circumstances of my life to be back in the flow again."

Lane insists she will step away from touring and recording, but hopes to play the occasional surprise show in future.

Her last scheduled gig is due to take place on 18 April (15) in Cairns, Australia.