The indie star, who primarily released his music under the name Bored Nothing, passed away on Sunday (09Oct16).

News of his death was announced by the band Major Leagues, one of whose members is his widow Anna Davidson, on Facebook.

"Fergus was an incredibly talented musician and writer," the announcement read. "He released wonderful music through Bored Nothing, Pansy, Wedding ring bells as well as working with countless other artists and musicians.

"Unfortunately, depression eroded away at him and he passed away on Sunday morning. We have all been so lucky to have known him, he enriched all of our lives and his warmth and friendship will never leave us."

The statement, which included a link to Australian suicide prevention service beyondblue, continued, "He meant the world to his friends and family and although our hearts are breaking, his songs will be with us all as we fight to continue life without him."

It concluded, "If ever you are feeling down or feel like everything is getting on top of you, please remember that there is always somewhere to turn or help to be found."

Bosses at the late musician's record label, Spunk Records are donating all of the proceeds from sales of his albums to his family.