U.S. metal rockers AS I LAY DYING were recently forced to cut short a show in Australia after guitarist NICK HIPA was hit in the head by a bottle hurled from the audience. The Christian band were performing at the Sydney stop of the Soundwave festival on Sunday (24Feb08) when the incident happened, reports Blabbermouth.net. Hipa was then rushed off stage while an emergency medical technician (EMT) treated his bloody wound. In a posting on the band's MySpace.com page, he says, "So last night, I got hit in the head by an empty glass Maker's Mark bottle. While it did stun and disorient me, I am completely fine. "Lucky for me the bottle was huge so it didn't break and I have no need for stitches. I'm sorry we had to stop our set but I was quite discombobulated for a good while, and more importantly the EMT dude wouldn't let me play because my head was bleeding quite a bit... or some sort of mumbo jumbo like that. "I am happy to say that aside from having a bulbous lump and cut on top of my skull, I'm in good health and feeling like a gladiator. Thank you to everyone who has been expressing concern though, I really appreciate it."