Argentina's U.K. ambassador has submitted a formal complaint to Bbc bosses, accusing the host of British motoring show Top Gear of insulting his countrymen during a controversial shoot in South America earlier this month (Oct14).

Jeremy Clarkson and his fellow car enthusiasts had to cut their visit to Argentina short when they were targeted by protesters over the use of a 'H982 FKL' Porsche licence plate, which appeared to reference the Falklands conflict between British and Argentine forces in 1982.

Clarkson recently opened up about the incident in a detailed newspaper article, claiming the cast and crew feared their lives were in danger as they were chased and stoned by a furious mob, but ambassador Alicia Castro took issue with the presenter's account and accused him of exaggerating his tale and depicting her fellow countrymen and women as "savages".

Castro has now filed an official complaint with the Bbc and demanded a formal apology after providing network boss Danny Cohen with letters from British citizens, lawmakers and celebrities who have also condemned Clarkson's behaviour.

Bbc representatives are currently investigating the complaint.