APOCALYPTO star RUDY YOUNGBLOOD's Comanche roots are being questioned as a Native American group plans to honour the actor. Youngblood, who played central character JAGUAR PAW in Mel Gibson's Mayan history epic, has spoken out about his heritage in interviews, boasting that his ancestors fought at Little Big Horn. But Comanche leaders and Native American historians are questioning his claims. One historian, DAVID YEAGLEY, tells the Los Angeles Times, "He has no Indian blood in him that anyone can validate." Youngblood, who will be honoured at next month's (APR07) First Americans In The Arts gala in Beverly Hills, admits he can't understand why Yeagley is questioning his heritage. The actor says, "It's very hateful and very negative. He stalks me like he knows me." According to the actor's website, Youngblood hails from the Tahchawwickah (corr) Comanche family and is adopted Cree. In his defence, Comanche Nation spokeswoman JOLENE SCHONCHIN accepts Youngblood's claims to her tribe: "He does have Comanche blood... from his father's side." But even that is being questioned by members of theTahchawwickah family, who claim they've never heard of Youngblood, stating the actor wasn't among family members who attended tribe elder PRESTON TAHCHAWWICKAH's funeral in 2005. Youngblood claims Preston Tahchawwickah as his father.