Anya Hindmarch says fashion gives women confidence.

While the handbag designer admits having an expensive bag is not a necessity she believes investing in one will make buyers feel better about themselves.

She told the Telegraph newspaper: "No woman needs another handbag. But fashion gives confidence, it affects mood. And luxury goods are an important calling card for the UK, a source of tourism. People think of Jermyn Street, fine stationery, trench coats, leather goods. This Government really gets it about luxury goods."

Anya also revealed how her success as a handbag designer has been reliant on her determination to succeed.

She said: "I didn't do at all well at school. I got seven O-levels and two A-levels but, let's say, universities weren't queuing up for me. It was lonely starting my own business when my friends were all having fun. And it was tough going through the pain that all businesses go through when you are trying, simultaneously, to persuade retailers, suppliers and customers to trust you."