A Muslim film festival, which opens in San Francisco on Saturday, will be highlighted by a screening of the Turkish film Valley of the Wolves, an anti-American docudrama that hinges on a July 4, 2003 incident during the Iraq war when U.S. forces captured 11 Turkish soldiers who were actually members of coalition forces. The incident sparked outrage in Turkey after the soldiers were shown with hoods over their heads being marched out of their headquarters at gunpoint. The villain in the film is played by Gary Busey, as a doctor who removes organs from Iraqi prisoners and sells them to hospitals abroad. The $10-million film is the most expensive Turkish film ever made and is one of the country's biggest hits. Last February, one woman, emerging from a theater showing the film in Istanbul, told a BBC reporter: "If I see an American when I get out of here I feel like taking a hood and putting it over their head."