Anne-Marie's new album was inspired by ''a lot of heartbreak''.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter has revealed how heartache helped her to pen her upcoming solo record, which is slated for release in 2018.

She explained: ''When I'm happy and in a good mood, I just search for other things that maybe connect to me on another level.

''I talk to my friends and see how they're feeling - see what's going on in their lives. I search YouTube and look for speeches by activists. I've got a lot of songs on my album about what's going on in the world, and how it is growing up as a female.''

The British star - who has previously collaborated with the likes of Clean Bandit and Sean Paul - also thinks that the sounds on her new album will come as a surprise to some of her fans.

Speaking to NME magazine, Anne-Marie shared: ''I think some of the sounds will shock people, it depends what people might have heard before. There are some people that have heard my live set and they know what kind of person I am and what I want to talk about.

''I hope that every age range can really connect with it in some way. I hope there's a song for every person because the goal really is to get everyone to like it, not just a specific age range of people or a gender, you know?''

Ed Sheeran makes a guest appearance on Anne-Marie's new album, and she's admitted to being inspired by his career success.

She said: ''Every person I speak to is gobsmacked that it's just one person and a guitar. It's just him captivating the whole stadium, its just incredible to see.

''The thing is, he's got great stage presence and he has great lyrics and that's what people are connected to, so yeah I mean he doesn't need anything.''