Anne-Marie is a ''bit scared'' about releasing her debut album.

The 26-year-old singer will release her long-awaited LP 'Speak Your Mind' next month and though she's been waiting ages for fans to hear her record, she is nervous about the reaction when it finally drops.

She said: ''It's finally coming.It's actually so scary now as well. I was really impatient about it coming out, and now it's finally on, I'm a bit scared.

''It's called 'Speak Your Mind', and yeah I'm excited. I can't wait...

''It's scary because it's taken about five years, it's been in the making for five years.

''People's expectation is scaring me, cos I hope that they like it, but you never know. I'm just hoping everyone likes it. I've tried to put as much as myself on it as possible.

''Loads of different vibes, different subjects, different things that I'm talking about - it's just scary.''

The 'Heavy' singer admitted she's had every detail of the record planned for a long time but feigned ignorance when asked about it until recently.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Global Awards, she said: ''I knew everything about it, all of it. I knew the title of it, I knew what songs were gonna be on it, and I was like 'I don't know.' ''

Anne-Marie has been busy promoting her music on radio and ahead of the interviews, she was nervous about accidentally saying something inappropriate.

She admitted: ''It's funny because they were asking me at the start of the week, 'what are you most worried about?'' And I was like, 'swearing'. And they've been trying to make me swear the whole time. 'Why are you making me do that? I'm not gonna be allowed on radio ever again?' But today I said penis...

''I've actually loved it. You just chat! You're having a chat with your mate.''