Anne-Marie says making 'Rockabye' made her more ''broody''.

The 25-year-old pop beauty - who sings on the track with Clean Bandit and Sean Paul - has been itching to have a child since was was 18, but admits making the chart-stopping ballad made her levels of broodiness explode.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she admitted: ''I'm always broody and do think about babies a lot - the song does put it in your mind, yeah.

''But I have been since I was like 18.''

However, the 'Alarm' hitmaker says she'd like to have a pet dog before she becomes a parent as she doesn't think she's ready to be a responsible adult and look after a child, let alone a dog.

She said: ''I do really want a dog first though.

''I went back home the other day and when I got there my dad went upstairs and started going: 'Come on, Come on then' as if calling a dog.

''Then he brings down this fake dog that can walk.

''But even that is a lot of effort so maybe I'll wait.''

The blonde beauty would certainly have to calm down her crazy antics if she is to become a mother.

Anne-Marie almost got kicked off a plane recently when she was downing champagne after finding out 'Rockabye' went to number one.

Air hostesses plied the singer with 10 bottles of champagne and some vodka, which resulted in Anne-Marie turning the flight into the scene from the comedy film 'Bridesmaids' when lead character Annie Walker [Kirsten Wiig] is drunk in first class.

She recalled: ''I ended up so drunk on this plane and I was running up and down the aisles singing! I was making everyone else hate me and being so annoying.

''It was just like that scene in 'Bridesmaids' when she goes into first class drunk! It was so fun though.''