Anne-Marie has a fear that people won't like her when she walks into a room.

The 'Heavy' hitmaker has admitted she shudders at the thought that people may judge her, so she always makes sure she has members of her team causing a ''distraction'' by walking in before her.

Opening up about her battle with anxiety in an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she admitted: ''I have a worry of people not liking me. I get scared walking into a room first, so I have to have people walk in before me so then people are distracted. It's hard.''

The 'Friends' hitmaker gets a fluttery feeling in her chest whenever she gets anxious.

She explained: ''I get it in my chest. I don't know what spurs it yet, but I've got to learn.''

Should she ever need to take time off, Anne-Marie says her record label would allow her a break, and she would want to do it before her anxiety manifests and gets out of control.

She said: ''I don't think you should wait until it's really bad, to be honest, but I think, until something really drastic happens to me, that's when I'll be like, OK, I need to stop.''

Anne-Marie's anxiety was heightened when she was due to play the Bataclan venue in Paris with Rudimental in November 2015, six days after the terrorist attack at Eagles of Death Metal's concert.

The 27-year-old singer was bedridden for days after hearing about the horrific incident, and it had a massive affect on her.

She admitted: ''It really f***ed me up.

''I was in bed for three days and I could tell I was dealing with it differently to everyone else.''