Anne-Marie is seemingly still undecided on her tracklisting for her debut album.

The 'Heavy' singer reached out to her to 291,000 Twitter followers on Tuesday (09.01.18) to ask them how many songs they'd like to have on the record, suggesting she's still a way off releasing it.

She wrote: ''Talk to me about the album. How many songs on there? (sic)''

The pop star also shared an ad-lib of her singing about girls not having to be perfect, wear certain things and look a certain way to impress men, in what could become a new track.

Apologising for using explicit language in the clip, Anne-Marie wrote alongside the video: ''Felt like I needed to write/say this tonight. Just a vibe. Nothing serious. Just the voice in my head. 'Motherf**ker'

#sorryfortheswearing (sic)''

And she sings: ''I can feel the burn of your eyes on the back of my t-shirt.

''I'm guessing you are another one of those guys who don't like my style.

''Tell me why I don't wear my dresses short or grow my hair down the back of my back, well let me tell you I don't do it like that.

''That's that. Motherf***er if you don't like the way I talk, you don't have to listen.

''And I will never be something I'm not just because of your opinion.

''Say women should always have make-up on to look good for the man, well let me telling I'm not f**king with that.

''And that's that motherf***er.''

It comes after the 26-year-old star said being ''good at talking about her feelings'' makes her a good songwriter.

The 'Ciao Adios' hitmaker is a very ''open person'' and feels that informs her lyrics, but admits she struggled with ''figuring out the structure of writing a song'' at first.

She said: ''It works in my favour that I'm quite an open person. I've always been good at talking about my feelings; that helps with writing songs. It did take time figuring out the structure of writing a song or what melody works better, but it's a good process.''

Anne-Marie likes to write about her own experiences as it makes her performance of the track better as she has experienced it on a personal level.

She added: ''I think a massive part is writing your own stuff. I don't think I could write about something I've never experienced or felt; all my songs are about things I've been through. I feel like if I've written a song about something I haven't experienced I wouldn't be able to perform it properly and people would be able to see that.

''People can see right through that. I feel the song every time I sing it. It never gets boring, it's fresh every time. That's really important. Hopefully the songs relate to other people so they can feel it as well.''