Anna Sui will never leave the house without applying red lipstick.

The 52-year-old fashion designer has admitted she cannot go anywhere until she has applied two of her essential cosmetic products to her face, and she has credited her bold make-up aesthetic, as well as her block fringe, as her ''signature look''.

Speaking about her beauty essentials to Stella magazine, the creative mastermind said: ''I set my alarm for 6am but I always wake before then. I like to be the first person in the office so I can clear my head before meetings begin.

''I then put on eyeliner and red lipstick (I never leave home without these).''

And the entrepreneur has urged others to experiment with their appearance until they discover a unique look of their own.

She said: ''Don't be afraid of creating signature look. I'm known for my fringe, red lip and eyeliner.''

However, Anna will not wear high heels to work because she has hinted they are a restricting form of footwear and other shoes can be more freeing.

She explained: ''Don't wear heels to the office. You discover a new freedom when you wear trainers or flat boots.''

Anna has revealed she will only carry around a small handbag, to fit the bare necessities in.

The mogul - who launched her eponymous fashion house in 1981 - said: ''Keep your handbag simple. Mine is lunchbox-sized and fits everything I need.''

Anna boasts a closet that resembles the iconic furniture in 'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', and when she has a free weekend she enjoys nothing more than tidying her wardrobes.

She said ''I've an armoire in my dressing room that I picked up at Chelsea Market, which looks deceptively small but it could give Narnia a run for its money.

''Some weekends I'll just stay at home. There's nothing I love more than devoting a day to tidying my many wardrobes.''