Busty blonde ANNA NICOLE SMITH surprised a couple in Las Vegas as they renewed their wedding vows, when she showed up unannounced to serve as their maid of honour.

The slimmed-down Texan beauty agreed to take part in PENNY and JOSEPH GENOVESE's 21 July (05) ceremony, when she learned from bosses at diet pill company TrimSpa that she inspired the bride to lose 75 pounds (34 kilograms).

Smith says, "TrimSpa told me Penny really wanted me to take part, so I surprised them. I will always remember that look on Penny's face.

"I think I might have cried more than either of them."

Smith, who reportedly lost 69 pounds (31 kilograms) on the TrimSpa diet, is now hoping certain superstitions ring true after she caught the bride's bouquet.

28/07/2005 09:17