Fans have been hoping for another get together ever since the band's last trek, even though frontman Sting has made it clear his The Police days are behind him.

Guitarist Summers would jump at the chance to return to the stage with his old bandmates, but insists talk of a one-off, two-weekend megagig this year to mark the group's 40th anniversary is a bit far fetched.

"I don't think it's gonna happen," Summers tells Billboard. "That would be great. I would do it - it's just down the road from me.

"When they offer you $9 million to go and play for an hour, you go, 'I might want to do that'. It would be brilliant. We never did Coachella or anything like that, so it would be great. Everyone says, 'Oh, are you gonna play again?' It's just an open door. The world changes all the time. Who knows what might be possible."

And Andy doubts there will be any kind of get together to mark the band's 40th year: "I think it's gonna be a huge repackaging and selling of everything next year."

"There's one half of you that just doesn't care 'cause it was such a long time ago, and another part is that you do care about what they nowadays would call 'the brand' and making sure it serves you in the right way. We don't ever get too far away from it."

The Desert Trip festival launched last year (Oct16) and featured Paul MCCartney, The Who, and The Rolling Stones.