The girlfriend of late funnyman Andy Kaufman is convinced he would have loved a growing online conspiracy theory suggesting he faked his own death.

The Taxi star was a renowned hoaxer and loved playing practical jokes and bombarding strangers with prank phone calls.

He passed away aged just 35 in 1984 after a battle with lung cancer, but many fans are convinced Kaufman faked his death and is still alive.

Lynne Margulies, who was in a relationship with him when he died, admits she finds the conspiracy theory "tiring" but insists Kaufman would have loved it.

She tells Uncut magazine, "It can get a little tiring. I have someone emailing me now who thinks I'm a part of every plot out there. But what's great about the world of Andy is, the more I deny something, the more they believe it. And Andy would have loved that."