Andy Cohen has been battling skin cancer.

The 'Watch What Happens: Live' scar had a mark on his lip checked out at the urging of his friend Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, and a specialist confirmed it was a melanoma.

Andy was guest-hosting 'Live With Kelly' on Friday (25.11.16) when he revealed the news, but he didn't say when he was diagnosed or whether he has finished treatment, but the 48-year-old star - a self-proclaimed ''tanorexic'' - insisted he is doing well.

Both he and Kelly stressed the importance of checking the skin as the 46-year-old beauty admitted Andy was the third friend of hers who she had urged to have a suspicious mark looked at by doctors.

Andy recently admitted he is open to having a child and thinks it is the ''closest'' he's ever come to wanting a family of his own.

Discussing how he talks about his loneliness and wanting more out of life in his new autobiography, 'Superficial', he said: ''I am the least introspective person typically, but the course of writing this diary, actually, for three years has made me think about things in a totally different way.

''[I'm considering] opening myself up to love and a relationship and maybe a kid. I think I'm closer to that spot than I ever was.

''I feel like I can just do it.''

And the presenter admitted ''everything's great'' in his relationship with a mystery man at the moment.

He said: ''I put the pen down in May of this year because I'm sitting there writing at Memorial Day, and I was looking at this guy.

''I started to get emotionally exhausted reporting on my life kind of, and I said, 'I have to go live it. I've got to go do this. There's this great guy here.'''