Andrew W.K. has offered to pay a fan's speeding fine after he was caught driving too fast whilst listening to the rocker's new song.

The 'Party Hard' hitmaker responded to a tweet by Luke Mitchell who said it was ''worth'' being slapped with ticket for £100 for exceeding the speed limit by Thames Valley Police, because he was rocking away to 'Music is Worth Living For'.

Luke wrote on Twitter: ''Casually driving down the M4 and @AndrewWK new single comes on @DanielPCarter @Radio1RockShow and now I have a speeding ticket. Totally worth it. (sic)''

Replying immediately, the 38-year-old musician wrote back: ''the price of partying (sic)''

He then added: ''LUKE - would like to pay this speeding ticket for you. I was responsible for the sonic party power that caused you to speed.

''I'll Direct Message you now to get your information. Please let me do this for you (sic)''

However, Luke said he would much prefer the money to go towards a better cause, and after MyTicket reached out to offer him two tickets to his forthcoming concert at Portsmouth's Wedgewood rooms in South England, he revealed Andrew had already put him on the guest list because his music contributed to the fine.

He added: ''Thank you so much, but I've asked @AndrewWK to donate the money to a far more worth cause than myself.

''In return he has offered me the chance to see him at @WedgewoodRooms already (sic)''

Thames Valley Police also got involved, and advised the rockers to ''party hard'' safely in future.

They said: ''You may 'Want fun' and to 'Party hard' but we want you to be safe. Drive safely dudes and party on (responsibly) (sic)''