Andrew Ridgeley and Keren Woodward have split up.

The 56-year-old Bananarama singer and the Wham! band member have called time on their 25-year relationship for the second time, but the pair have vowed to remain amicable because they share a ''great affection'' for each other.

Speaking to The Mirror Online about his romance with the 'Cruel Summer' hitmaker, he said: ''It wasn't really working for either of us.

''As close friends, with different lives, we see each other as circumstances allow and retain a great affection for one another.''

But this is not the first time Keren and Andrew have split as in 2015 the couple briefly parted, but swiftly rekindled their romance.

The 'Venus' singer sparked rumours her marriage was on the rocks earlier this year when she moved out of her home with Andrew in Wadesbridge, in North Cornwall, and relocated to London in August this year.

Keren has also confirmed the pair are friends and ''still speak'', and she has even revealed the 'Everything She Wants' hitmaker will accompany her on the upcoming Bananarama tour, alongside her band mates Siobhan Fahey, 58, and Sara Dallin, 55.

Keren - who has 30-year-old son Tom from a previous relationship with her former partner David-Scott Evans - said: ''Yes, we've gone our separate ways. These things happen unfortunately, but we still speak.

''''In fact, I saw him recently when I was back home in Cornwall.''

''He's actually coming to quite a few of the dates on the new Bananarama tour.''

Keren, Sara and Siobhan will kick off their UK tour on November 19, but Keren can't believe the trio are ''back together again.''

Speaking previously, she said: ''I didn't ever really consider that the three of us would get back together again. There were a lot of reasons why it came about.

''There were a lot of things that happened - like when you start losing people - that made me think life is too short.''