New Spider-man Andrew Garfield was so frustrated by the restrictions of his superhero costume he created a photo journal in a bid to show fans playing a comic book hero isn't all fun.
The Brit debuted shots of him standing by a food cart, unable to eat, and attempting to urinate in a public toilet during an appearance on The Daily Show in America on Wednesday (27Jun12), and admits there was a huge downside to playing Peter Parker.
He explained, "There was a picture journal that I took throughout (filming) with a stills photographer; we had a day in the life of Spider-Man.
"I was so frustrated certain days in that suit that I needed to do something stupid, so we just went around the Sony lot... There's me taking a s**t, I think.
"I mean, who wants to hear an actor complain about being Spider-Man? No one. But it sucks. Spandex isn't fun."