Andrew Brady wants to have a baby with Caroline Flack.

The 'Apprentice' star has only been dating the 'Love Island' host for a matter of months but, following his recent proposal, he's reportedly hoping that they can start trying for a family of their own once they've officially become husband and wife.

Andrew's former co-star Michaela Wain - who grew close to the hunk while they were taking part in the business show last year - told The Sun's bizarre column: ''Andrew is desperate to be a dad. We spoke about it and I know he is ready. He wants children soon. He is like a loyal puppy and doesn't care about fame.''

Caroline, 38, and Andrew, 27, got engaged earlier this year following just three months of dating and, although many people have raised their eyebrows over the authenticity of their relationship, Michaela thinks they'll last because they're ''crazy.''

She explained: ''Caroline is beautiful and she is a little bit out there and crazy, which Andrew is. I think they are a good match and she is what Andrew needs, a strong woman. He needs that in his life and she needs someone like Andrew.

''He is so loving and loves to take care of people and is a real fun character so I know with all my heart it works out for them.

''He genuinely loves her and I have never known him to cheat.''

Meanwhile, Caroline is hoping to have a 'Love Island' themed wedding.

She said recently when pressed on her nuptials: ''Maybe I can walk down the aisle to the 'Love Island' theme tune and people could 'couple up' at the end.''

The brunette beauty hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to her love life in the past - having previously dated Prince Harry and Harry Styles - but she's convinced she's found ''the one'' this time around because she's so happy and comfortable.

She explained: ''Love happens and I think love finds you. I think that is what has happened to me in life. When you least expect it. Maybe that is what happened.''