Anais Gallagher claims she can't find a boyfriend because she's ''too embarrassing''.

The 17-year-old model - the daughter of rock star Noel Gallagher and his ex-wife Meg Matthews - took to Twitter on Monday (25.09.17) to tell her followers she was feeling ''fragile'' and needed a 'Mr. Right' in her life to make her feel better.

The blonde beauty wrote on Twitter: ''I need love today. I'm feeling super fragile and basically need a boyfriend. But keep reminding myself I'm too embarrassing to get one! (sic)''

Anais' comments were met with a mixed response from Twitter users, the blonde beauty's cousin Lennon Gallagher - the 18-year-old son of Noel's sibling and bitter rival Liam Gallagher and his former spouse Patsy Kensit - wanted to know more and appeared to make fun of his relative.

He replied: ''Really?''

When a user with the handle @AGuyNamedLewis wrote: @gallagher_anais if your standards ever decrease hmu x (sic)''

She insisted she already has ''low standards''.

Her response read: ''Little does he know my standards are already the lowest a humans could possibly be. (sic)''

However, on Tuesday (26.09.17) afternoon, Anais hinted that she had met a potential suitor, who was ''more sarcastic'' than she is.

She added: ''I think I've met someone funnier and more sarcastic than myself. How is this possible? (sic)''

It comes just three days after reports suggested Anais has rekindled her romance with former Stereo Kicks singer Reece Bibby two years after their split.

The pair are said to have been keen to keep their relationship low-key, with Anais having previously accused Noel, 50, of giving her boyfriend the ''evil dad stare''.

A source said: ''It's early days and they're keeping things super-casual. Reece is touring with his new band New Hope Club and it means it's not always easy for them to see each other, but they want to make it work. She's been joining him at gigs and they have been going out on dates again.''

The duo first started dating in May 2015, but split just seven months later.

And shortly after their break-up, Anais admitted Noel keeps a close eye on who she's dating.

The teenage model previously explained: ''My dad is very strict when it comes to boys. He's always, 'I don't want to talk about it.'''