The bandmates have split with singer Seann Nicols after only five shows, according to Germany's Rocks.

Drummer Frankie Banali told the outlet "artistic and personal" differences forced him and his bandmates to let him go.

"We had to make the best decision for Quiet Riot," Banali said. "If there are problems so early in the co-operation, it's better to pull the emergency brake."

Durbin has yet to be officially announced as Nicols' replacement, but Banali reportedly told Rocks the former Idol favourite was his first choice to front the band after Jizzy Pearl left last year (16).

"Because he had other commitments, I had to look for a replacement, and Seann Nichols was third on my candidate list... you can only work with people who are available."

Durbin teased the big announcement on Wednesday (01Mar17) by tweeting: "Big game-changing news coming!!! Can't wait to rock you."