Aluna Francis' style is ''extremely empowering'', according to stylist Aiden Sowers.

The musician - who makes up one half of the British electronic music group AlunaGeorge - is very particular about her fashion choices, and likes to wear garments, which make her feel confident but are also ''authentic''.

Speaking in a video shared on the social network Vero, Aiden said: ''She is inspired by a lot of different things, a lot of different cultures, but everything is authentic to who she is. She is really interested in creating an image and a style that is extremely empowering for women ... The future without gender or racial stereotypes.''

And the fashion muse claims he has a ''big effect'' and is a huge inspiration on the brunette beauty.

He continued: ''I think really have a big effect and inspiration on what she [Aluna] wears.''

And the vocalist has revealed it is a ''huge, huge thing'' to not follow the westernised beauty trends and fashion, and Aluna has also claimed it's also a ''strange'' topic to discuss.

The 'I'm In control' hitmaker said: ''There are many, many reasons why a black woman makes their hair look westernised. So going against that is a huge, huge thing. It goes so deep, so any time you can push away from it is quite immense. But it's a strange thing you can't talk about because it's so mundane.''

Meanwhile, Aluna has continued to use Vero to give her fans an insight into her life on tour and her collaborations with Sia and Miguel by sharing exclusive footage of her journey.

And the star has revealed she has been social-media savvy with the popular platform because she believes it is ''so important'' for her to interact with her supporters.

Speaking about her partnership with Vero, Aluna said: ''Being able to connect with fans is so important to me and Vero has made interacting on social a lot more interesting and allows artists to speak to their fans in new ways. I'm so excited to share backstage content exclusively via my Vero profile and hope that everyone enjoys a glimpse of tour life.''

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