All Saints owe their comeback to the Backstreet Boys

The girlband, who shot to success in 1997 with their hit 'Never Ever', last performed together in 2006 when they released their third album 'Studio 1'.

But after they reformed to support the Backstreet Boys on tour in 2014, the girls - Shazney Lewis, Melanie Blatt, Nicole and Natalie Appleton - were inundated with record deals.

Speaking to BBC Radio 2 presenter Dermot O'Leary, Shaznay said: ''In 2014 somebody called me and asked if we would be interested in supporting the Backstreet Boys so I asked the girls and they were up for it. Once we had done the BSB tour, people started making calls and there were offers out there for the whole deal again, but that actually terrifies us. We thought if we're going to do this - because we're just doing the shows with no pressure which allowed us to have so much fun, and we wanted to keep that and eliminate as much pressure as possible - we all came to the agreement of doing our own label. It keeps away all that industry pressure.''

And Shaznay said she had reservations about an All Saints comeback.

She said: ''Yeah I did... (have reservations) because Mel lives in Ibiza so I obviously spoke to Nat and Nic about it first and after we digested it we were really into the idea, purely because during our time of being out before, performing was one of the things we did the least of. We spent so much time doing promo that one of our biggest regrets was never really getting that much of a chance to perform and so we nominated Nic to call Mel.''

Mel added: ''As soon as everyone made it clear it would be for our kids to come and see us perform again, it all made sense. There was no reason to say no. We had to make sure that what we were doing we were in to as well, we didn't know when we went back in the studio what Shaz was going to come up with, we just needed to take our time and do it naturally and organically.''

All Saints will embark on their 'Red Flag' UK tour in October this year but, fans who can't wait until then to see the girls in action, can catch them performing at London's G.A.Y nightclub on April 16, The Cornbury Music Festival July 8-10, V-Festival on August 20-21.

Shaznay added: ''I'm so happy we got this opportunity to do it again and do it properly this time.''