Controversial book ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN and it's film spin-off have both shot back up US bestseller lists following the revelation that former deputy FBI chief MARK FELT was the mysterious 'Deep Throat' character who sparked the Watergate scandal.

The behind-the-scenes account, written by THE WASHINGTON POST journalists BOB WOODWARD and CARL BERNSTEIN, covers the events that led to US President RICHARD NIXON's resignation in 1974.

Felt unmasked himself as the mole earlier this week (beg30MAY05) - ending 30 years of mystery and speculation.

The DVD of director ALAN J PAKULA's 1976 film version, which stars ROBERT REDFORD and Dustin Hoffman, has rocketed up website AMAZON.COM's chart to number seven.

Meanwhile, the book currently sits at number 19 on the internet retailer's chart - after beginning the week ranked above 10,000.

VICTORIA MEYER, spokeswoman for the book's publisher SIMON + SCHUSTER, says, "It's a huge news story of historic importance, something the world has been speculating about.

"It's no surprise to us that there is consumer interest in learning more."

03/06/2005 17:46