Rapper ALFAMEGA is in shock after his children were involved in a violent altercation at T.I.'s Georgia nightclub - his daughter suffered multiple stab wounds and his son broke his jaw.
The hip-hop star's kids were caught up in the clash at Club Crucial in Atlanta, which is co-owned by T.I., on Christmas Eve (24Dec09).
Alfamega, real name Cedric Zellars, has confirmed his daughter and son - who have not been named - were seriously injured when a group allegedly attacked the girl and his son stepped in to help.
His daughter was admitted to hospital after suffering three stab wounds and a punctured lung, while his son was treated for a broken jaw and multiple contusions.
They have since been released from hospital and Zellars confirmed the news to Allhiphop.com. But he's convinced the attack had nothing to do with his previous feud with T.I., which saw him dumped from the hip-hop mogul's record label amid allegations Zellars was once a police informant, because people at the club were not aware of his kids' identity.
He tells the website, "I had a talk with Tip’s (T.I.'s) uncle Derrick, who co-owns Club Crucial. I was like, ‘My daughter got stabbed up there and my son got his jaw fractured.' He was like 'Huh? I didn’t know that.’
"They didn’t know, they didn’t know they were my children. I was told that my children wasn’t (sic) in the wrong. The girls and the dudes attacked her and stabbed her and basically my son jumped in cause they were attacking his sister and somebody hit him from the blindside.
"They (bosses at the club) were really shocked and remorseful. And I told they the only reason I am going to give them a pass is because they didn’t know. I am glad that both of my children are still living.”