Alexandra Shulman initially wanted to go into the music industry.

The editor of British Vogue magazine confessed she was charmed by a young boy who worked in the ''music biz'' at a Bob Dylan gig when she was younger, and this made her want to pursue a career working with record labels.

She said: ''Always loved music, still do, listen to it all the time. It's sort of my private passion really. When I left uni I wanted to go into the music industry. One day I went to see a Bob Dylan concert and he was playing in Earls Court, in the 70s sometime. I got taken to the after-party and met a boy there and he was so good looking, he worked for the music biz.''

Alexandra was delighted when she woke up the next day to find he'd delivered her a small gift and insists she's never had the same experience since.

Speaking to Lily Allen on BBC Radio 2, she added: ''The next day he sent me this incredible basket of fruit to my home. I was only about 18, never happened to me before, and I thought this is what happens if you work with music people. Never happened again, of course.''