Alexander McQueen's last-ever collection has been shown in Paris.

The low-key showcase of the designer's final work - which he had been in the process of creating prior to his suicide last month - was shown to a small group of people and received a positive reception from the assembled journalists and employees.

The show - which was originally intended to take place in the Conciergerie, a former prison - was backed by the sepulchral 17th-century choral music Alexander had listened to while creating the collection, which consisted of high-necked, close-fitting satin dresses accessorised with high-heeled carved gold shoes and thigh-high boots.

The 15 looks were emblazoned with motifs of angels and other religious and medieval imagery.

Washington Post journalist Robin Givhan, one of the few people in attendance at the show, said she was "amazed" by the collection.

She said: "It was 15 virtuoso performances. It was all done by McQueen as opposed to his staff or with his team.

"Looking at the work, I'm amazed at the talent and the beauty was incredible. It's sad that talent is no longer here."

Alexander, 40, was found dead in his London home on February 11.