The former Nashville actress took to her Instagram page on Tuesday (14Feb17) to share a story with fans about her 93-year-old relative, whose health has greatly improved over the past week.

"I would like to take a moment to talk about God's amazing grace," Alexa wrote. "This past week has been a struggle for my family as our beautiful abuelita (grandma) was on life support. It has been a bitter sweet experience... This week her lungs collapsed. Her heart started failing. Her stomach stopped working and she fell into a coma."

As Alexa and her family prepared themselves to say goodbye, members of the 28-year-old star's local church came to the hospital and prayed over her "for over five hours".

"When I say the power of prayer can bring forth the most amazing miracles THIS WILL FLOOR YOU. Our abuelita Yeya woke up completely healed," she continued.

After examining the elderly lady, doctors failed to find "anything wrong with her", and were left stumped by her recovery. Ex Spy Kids star Alexa added that her grandma is still undergoing tests as experts attempt to find out exactly what happened.

"But we know... God's grace is what healed her," she concluded. "It is miracles like this that remind me of how great our God is. Thankful for every extra day we get to live. #miracles #blessings."