LATEST: The father of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' boyfriend Dodi Fayed is "disappointed" at the inquest jury's verdict of unlawful killing regarding their death in a 1997 Paris, France car crash.
The inquest aimed to establish whether Diana and Dodi were the victims of an accident, or if they were the targets of an assassination plot headed by the British royal family - as claimed by tycoon, and Dodi's father, Mohamed Al Fayed.
The lengthy inquest at London's High Court was brought to a close on Monday (07Apr08), when the jury ruled the couple died as a result of the gross negligence of their driver Henri Paul and the pursuing paparazzi.
But Al Fayed is still convinced their deaths were part of an elaborate conspiracy, and, during his testimony at the High Court in February (08), maintained his belief that they were assassinated by British security services acting on the orders of Prince Philip, the husband of British monarch Queen Elizabeth II.
However, the coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker last week (ends04Apr08) told the jury they could not rule the couple's death as a murder, because there was "no evidence" to support Al Fayed's claims.
And an incensed Al Fayed is refusing to accept the verdict.
In a statement released immediately after the verdict was read out to the court, he says, "It's been a long fight to uncover the truth about the deaths of my son Dodi and Diana, princess of Wales.
"I'm not the only person who says they were murdered. Diana predicted that she would be murdered and how it would happen. So I am disappointed.
"For 10 years, I have endured two police investigations. The French and the Scotland Yard inquiries were wrong. These inquests prove it. They said it was an accident and their findings are now dismissed.
"The jury have found that it wasn't just the paparazzi who caused the crash, but unidentified following vehicles. Who they are and what they were doing in Paris is still a mystery."