Former FRIENDS star AISHA TYLER shares an unusual pastime with husband JEFF TIETJENS - brewing beer.

The statuesque comedienne and her beau, who met at America's prestigious DARTMOUTH COLLEGE, have been indulging in their homemade brews for more than a decade.

She says, "We got into it right after we got out of college because we were poor. You can make a lot of beer for very little money - that was the attraction!

"You cook up all the malt and the hops and everything, then you put it into your closet and it just burbles in there. Then you bottle it.

"We actually brewed all the beer for our wedding, which was really cool. It was like a peach-honey beer. It was a very girlie beer - I had to fight for that one. He was like, 'Let's make something that's made with coffee and dirt!' We put a little label on it with our wedding day and everything. It was fun."

04/02/2004 13:39