Wrangling between union activists and union moderates took a new turn Monday when the Screen Actors Guild board agreed to have its members vote on whether to negotiate a separate agreement with the studios and networks rather than do so jointly with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. The current SAG leadership has recently engaged in jurisdictional disputes with AFTRA over productions for cable TV, and on Monday SAG President Alan Rosenberg accused AFTRA of being unwilling to demand that producers correct "shortcomings" in the current labor contract. AFTRA responded with a statement of its own denouncing "SAG's repeated attempts to undermine AFTRA and create a schism between our unions." It said that SAG was becoming dominated by a "radical Hollywood faction" that seeks to overturn "a joint bargaining agreement that has been working to our members' mutual benefit for 27 years." Meanwhile talks between the Directors Guild of America and the AMPTP were set to continue into a fourth day today (Tuesday), with expectations high that the two sides would quickly agree on a new contract.