Following yet another major court victory over the broadcast networks, Aereo founder/CEO Chet Kanojia has said during an interview on C-SPAN that he still expects his service to be available in 22 markets by fall. Responding to continued attacks by the network that Aereo is engaged in piracy by taking their signals and sending them to subscribers over the Internet for a fee, Kanojia said, When three federal courts express an opinion that it is a legal technology and it is consistent with what Congress intended, it is difficult for me to look at it in any other way except as name-calling and mischaracterization. Responding to claims by the broadcasters that Aereo had simply contrived a system that it thought would skirt around the law on retransmitting TV signals, Konijia appeared to plead guilty. All we are doing is taking advantage of the guard rails that the law has set up and to build technology that applies within those guard rails, he said, and I think that is a perfectly fine thing to do.