Adwoa Aboah says the fashion industry is a ''fickle business''.

The 25-year-old model has admitted it took her a ''long time'' to adjust to her career at the helm of the fashion industry, but she has acknowledged people in the sector can be disloyal.

Speaking to, she said: ''It really took me a long time... I think everyone forgets, but it is a fickle business.''

And even though the Gurls Talk founder felt there was no woman like her when she was breaking into the business, she was determined to pursue her dream.

She explained: ''When I started the kind of woman who was 'on-trend' wasn't me. But I stuck at it.''

But Adwoa has hinted the fact she was different to her predecessors is what made her a success, and she has encouraged budding models to ''have something else'' that they can bring to the business, because she believes that is what the industry is looking for.

She said: ''So what I would say to anyone who wants to be a model is: have something else. This shouldn't be your be-all and end-all in life, there are so many other amazing things to be done in the world. I also think that the industry really celebrates a woman who does something else. So keep at it, but always have something else.''

Adwoa was awarded the Model of the Year honour at The 2017 Fashion Awards, but she is ''baffled'' by her successful career, and she still wakes up in the morning ''pinching'' herself because she cannot believe her work on the runway, on the big screen and with her online platform are ''real''.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I just love doing things to fulfill us. With Gurls Talk, with modelling, maybe with acing, it baffles me. I am still waking up and pinching myself because this is real.''