Adwoa Aboah shaved her hair off as a ''f**k you'' to the fashion industry.

The 25-year-old hacked off her tresses several years ago to rebel against the beauty business, although she has claimed she was not ''conscious'' of the message she was conveying with her drastic makeover at the time.

Speaking about her style decisions to the Guardian newspaper, the catwalk icon said: ''It was a kind of a f**k-you to the industry, even if I wasn't conscious of that at the time.''

The mogul didn't warn anyone about her action and surprised an agency when she suddenly showcased her new do, much to their delight.

She explained: ''I didn't warn anyone, I just walked into my agency one day with all my hair shaved off. But they loved it. I love it, too.''

And Adwoa has no plans to grow her hair back any time soon.

She added: ''I'm definitely in no rush to grow it back.''

Adwoa - who has modelled for designer fashion houses including Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Alexander Wang - believes being a model is difficult because she always has to be ''on standby'' and has ''no control'' over her work schedule or social life in case a job opportunity crops up.

She said: ''It is a life where you are always on standby. You have no control over your schedule, which makes it really hard to have balance in life, to see your friends or have a boyfriend.''

Although the style muse has a chaotic career, she never realised she would ever be a successful model when she was younger.

She said: ''I had no idea I would ever be doing as much modelling as I am now.''